Difference Between Frost and No Frost Refrigerator

When I first bought my refrigerator, the first thing that bothered me most is what is the difference between frost and no frost refrigerator? Should go for a frost refrigerator or a no frost refrigerator? Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. No frost refrigerator uses relatively updated technology but a frost refrigerator is easily the first choice for you if you are on a budget. In this article, I will try to discuss these two types of refrigerators based on the research I did during buying my refrigerator. I will also present the comparative advantages and disadvantages of these fridges over one another to help you make an effective decision. Let us start with a short description of both of those types of refrigerator.

Frost Refrigerator

As the name implies, the frost refrigerator forms ice inside the freezer. Sometimes, ice accumulation can also be seen inside the refrigerator cabin if the temperature is too cold. Frost refrigerators are mainly direct cool refrigerators. Direct cool is a cooling technology in the refrigerator. In direct cool technology, chilling happens through natural conversion. Natural conversion cools down the air and food items inside the refrigerator instantly. Air contains water in the form of moisture. When the air in direct cool refrigerator chills, the moisture turns into water and then accumulates. At freezing temperature, these water then turn into ice and deposit on the freezer. Ice accumulation can also be seen in the refrigerator if the temperature of it is not set properly. To know more about the best temperature for the refrigerator and freezer, you can check this article.

No Frost Refrigerator

A no frost refrigerator resists all kinds of ice formation from the moisture of outside air. It does so by using a single motor for refrigerator and freezer section, single evaporator, ventilation device and an air treatment technique which makes the cooling using dry air. It also prevents the formation of odors from different food inside the refrigerator. As ice does not accumulate on the freezer walls, it does not require manual defrost.

Frost Free Refrigerator – Updated Version of No Frost Refrigerator

Frost free refrigerators are updated versions of no frost refrigerator. Like no frost, frost free refrigerators do not require manual defrosting as they resist ice formation from the outside air. But as the air treatment technique makes the cooling air completely dry in no frost refrigerator, for which the vegetables and fruits get dried quickly, this does not occur in frost free refrigerator. Frost free refrigerator uses a separate cooling technique for refrigerator and freezer section. The refrigerator section is cooled through natural conversion or using a fan. But this cooling technique does not dry out vegetables and fruits. For the freezer section, the air treatment mechanism is used. As the air treatment removes moisture from the cooling air and makes it dry, there is no ice accumulation on the walls of the freezer of frost free type.

Frost vs No Frost

Now I will discuss the difference between frost and no frost refrigerator from the user’s point of view.

Capacity is higher for no frost refrigerator

First of all, if you have more than 3 to 4 members in your family and you are looking for a medium capacity refrigerator, then you don’t need to worry about frost refrigerator. As frost refrigerators use direct cool technology, this type of refrigerators is of small capacity ranging from 150 liters to 250 liters. They are single door refrigerators. The freezer is a small one and situated on the top side of the refrigerator. Frost free and no frost refrigerators are of double door, side by side door and french door types. They often have medium to large capacity and are suitable for families having more than 4 members.

Frost refrigerators require manual defrosting

For the no frost refrigerator, you will not require to manually defrost the refrigerator. But for frost refrigerator, it is required. Defrosting is necessary for frost refrigerators to keep it perform efficiently. To know more about manual defrost, please check this article. The cooling system of frost free refrigerators is an updated one. It cools food inside the refrigerator by circulating cold air. As a result, foods remain fresh for a longer period in frost free refrigerator.

Foods can get freezer burn in frost refrigerators

Foods in the no frost refrigerator do not get freezer burnt. But for a direct cool refrigerator, we can often see freezer burn of foods. If you want to know about freezer burn, then check this article, where I tried to discuss how it happens and how you can prevent freezer burn.

Frost refrigerators are more energy efficient

The energy efficiency of the frost refrigerators is higher compared to no frost or frost free refrigerators. It is very common to find a direct cool refrigerator having 5 star BEE energy rating. But high efficient no frost refrigerators are not that much available compared to fewer star models and also costs more.

Frost refrigerators are cheaper

Frost refrigerators are cheaper compared to no frost models available in the market. Manufacturers tend to make exclusive models in frost free category. Whereas, direct cool frost refrigerators are basic offerings from the manufacturers.

No frost refrigerators have lots of features

The frost free models come with lots of features. For example, most of the frost free models come with door lock alarm, LED lighting, adjustable height shelves, larger vegetable crispers, etc. But you will have to search to find a direct cool model with all these features. On the other hand, some features are exclusive to direct cool refrigerators. There are lots of direct cool models in the market which can run on the home inverter. So, during a long power outage, you will not have to worry about spoiled foods. Some of the frost refrigerators can also run on solar power. But it is tough for no frost refrigerator because of higher capacity.


Frost and no frost are types of refrigerators. Frost refrigerator requires manual defrosting. They are of smaller capacity and are more energy efficient compared to no frost models. Most frost refrigerators available in the market are of direct cool single door refrigerators. These are budget-friendly models suitable for families of 2 to 4 members. On the other hand, no frost refrigerators do not require manual defrosting. These models have lots of features compared to frost models. Most of the large capacity refrigerators in the market are of no frost and frost free type. It becomes challenging to get 5 star energy rating for no frost refrigerators. So, no frost refrigerators are less energy efficient compared to frost models. But foods remain fresh for a longer period of time in a no frost refrigerator than a frost one. Both these types of refrigerators have their own advantages and disadvantages and a dedicated customer base. I would suggest choosing the one that best serves your purpose.      

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